Hand Carved Wooden Gua Sha Tool

Hand Carved Wooden Gua Sha Tool


Hand carved wooden Gua Sha tool from wild harvested and re purposed wood in Sonoma County.

The Gua Sha is a flat piece of wood or jade; it is used in Ayurveda to “spoon or scrape” the lymph in the body, stimulating blood & lymph flow, breaking down scar tissue and tenderizing muscles. It produces an anti-inflammatory and immune protective effect. Since the immune system and lymphatic system are so intimately connected, healthy lymph leads to a healthy immune system!

* This technique can create bruising due to the toxins being released from the tissues. Over time, the bruising will stop as the tissues begin to become tonified and the toxins released.

* The edge of the Gua Sha is vigorously rubbed along the skin, moving from feet to heart and hands to heart. There is more emphasis on the stroke towards the heart, moving the lymph in the direction of the heart.

* The Gua Sha can be used with water in the shower, steam room or bath tub. When done after Abhyanga (body oilination) the body is nice and oiled, driving the nutrients from the oil deep into the tissues. You can also use the Gua Sha over clothing.

*Purchase our Dandelion Blossom Herbal Body Oil along with a Gua Sha for relief of deep emotion and physical tension as well as lymphatic support. Using a Gua Sha to care for our breast tissue is one of the most important things we can do as women! Get empowered to explore your body with some radical self-care!

**Wooden Gua Sha's will last a lifetime! You can use organic walnut oil to seal and care for them!

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