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What is An Holistic Doula?

A Doula is a trained labor support person who provides emotional, mental, and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during, and after labor.

Holistic doulas take the unique approach of truly tending to the body, mind, AND spirit of women in preganacy, birth, and postpartum. Holisitic Doulas bridge science with spirit, the clinical with the intuitive.

We acknowledge a woman's innate ability to birth their babies by helping each woman awaken her own deep knowledge... the wisdom that resides in her womb.

Holistic Doulas realize that most women truly desire to be witnessed rather than managed in their journey into motherhood, and so hold space for the mother to lead the way.

We offer a family-centered perspective on birth and help women and families move into motherhood with ease and grace, acknowledging each birth as sacred, and working with women to create supportive, supplementary care plans that truly empower every facet of this beautiful, wild and powerful process.


Holistic Doulas stand on the threshold,

allowing women to intuitivly birth their babies
with love, support, empowerment and  education. 



Research has shown women who were supported by Doulas reported:

  • Less painful labor and birth

  • A sense of more control and autonomy during birth

  • Less anxiety after birth

  • Feelings of increased self-confidence

  • A lower incidence of postpartum depression

  • A deeper sense of satisfaction with their partner

Core Services An Holistic Doula May Provide:

  • Options and education from an objective viewpoint

  • Explanations of medical procedures

  • Advice and resources during pregnancy, birth and post-partum

  • Suggestions to make pregnancy more comfortable- physically, mentally and spiritually

  • Help crafting a birth plan with your partner

  • Massage and alternative pain relief techniques

  • Positioning suggestions during labor and birth

  • Support for the partner so that they can love, encourage and hold space for the laboring mama

  • Support for the laboring mama so she can avoid unnecessary interventions


Conscious birth is about coming into our full power as women, and moving forward
from that deep place.

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Conscious birth is about intention.

It’s about deep trust and intuition. It’s about fully believing with every cell of your being that women innately know how to give birth. It's about being flexible and flowing with what is, and not what was expected.

It’s about trusting ourselves above all else. It’s where rational mind meets deep intuition- a place where we can take the advice and professional support that’s helpful and leave the rest. It’s about transformation and crossing the threshold into motherhood. It is about grace, beauty, raw and wild passion. It’s a place where we are our own Queens, benevolently ruling over our lives and bodies.

Conscious birth is about remembering the wild woman, and our ancestors, and all those women who birthed before us and all those who will come after.

Conscious birth is about full surrender.

It’s about the mama becoming so empowered and educated that she can navigate her birthing process with courage and dignity. Knowing her options, exploring and naming her fears, setting flexible intentions are all aspects of conscious birth. It’s about the beauty of creation and life, and knowing that every birth is beautiful and sacred, no matter if at home, in a hospital, or at a birthing center.

Conscious Birth is about allowing yourself to just be in the moment.

It’s pure embodiment. Above all, it’s about bringing your sweet baby earthside in the best way you know how.

I'd be honored to be your Doula. 

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