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Certified Holistic Doula Services

Supporting, encouraging and advocating for Mothers,
through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Birth is a sacred journey.

My job is to awaken and empower what already lay within each woman.

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Pregnancy and birth bring us into the fullness of our power as women, and shows us our true strength! Maybe you would like some extra emotional support between your doctor or midwife appointments, would like to know more about this amazing process or would like to find more nourishing rituals to mark this important, life-changing rite of passage in your life.

One of my goals in doing birth work is to help you experience pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood in a way that feels empowering to you. I do this by offering professional insights into what’s happening in your body, how to stay comfortable and strong, warm emotional encouragement, and even rituals or ceremonies to help you truly mark this special time of creation and transformation.  

I also work with new mamas and couples to explore their birthing options and create a flexible birthing plan that’s right for them.

I attend your birth, and visit with you after to help you settle in and heal.

Every birth is a perfect birth.


Through this work I also hope to facilitate women’s remembering of the sacred birthing process, one we innately know from a deep place inside of ourselves.

Through this remembering comes a deep sense of trust in the self, and in the body’s ability to bring forth life. Trusting your own birth process will be something I will spend time developing with you or just supporting.

You know how to give birth- no matter where you are, no matter who you are.

Holistic Doulas specifically focus on this truth. And this truth has been largely forgotten or abandoned in modern culture. As your doula, I will be there to tend to your needs throughout your pregnancy, help ease your body/mind/spirit during birth, and help nourish and support your recovery post-partum.

If you’re already a mother, I can meet you in your place of knowing, or help you have a more empowering experience if your past births weren’t supported in this way.

Whether new mother or seasoned mother, as your holisitic doula, I will follow your lead, creating sacred space for your own wisdom, your own strength and self-advocacy.

As a Certified Holistic Doula, a Clinical Herbalist, Ayurvedic Health Councilor and Holistic Nutrition Consultant with over 100 hours of training in Aromatherapy, I have a variety of tools in my toolbox to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth as well as into the postpartum.

Anja provided so much knowledge about proper health and nutrition for the duration of my pregnancy. She supported and prepared my partner and I for the mental and emotional challenges that might arise during the birth. Having her present at the birth was amazing, she was so helpful and supportive throughout. We also really appreciated her postpartum care, helping us by cooking nourishing meals and cleaning.
— Kelley Bennett Mountain Ranch, CA


“Birth is not an emergency. It’s an emergence. See?!”



What I Will Provide To You:

OPTIONS and education from an objective viewpoint

BIRTH PLAN CO-CREATION with your partner

EXPLANATIONS of any medical procedures you’re confused about or considering.

EDUCATION & RESOURCES in any area of pregancy, birth, or postpartum care that interest you.

BE YOUR TRUSTED, PERSONAL ADVISOR  when you need an open-hearted, knowledgeable and non-judgemental ear.

HELPFUL TIPS & RITUALS to make pregnancy more comfortable- physically, mentally and spiritually

MASSAGE and other pain relief techniques

PRACTICE & TECHNIQUES for birthing, including positions, breathing, and visualizations.

PARTNER SUPPORT for your partner so that they can love, encourage and hold space for the laboring mama

YOU-SUPPORT- a kind and gentle assistant and steadfast advocate for you during labor and birth


How It Works: 

  • 1 hour FREE consultation to see if I am the right fit for your family.

  • 1-3 prenatal visits depending on your due date and the time we connect.

  • Assistance in crafting a birth plan unique to your personal desires and wishes.

  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout the prenatal and postpartum period.

  • Helpful relaxation techniques which might include massage, aromatherapy, herbal support, and meditations.

  • 24 Hour on call availability for the labor and birth.

  • Guaranteed Backup Doula Services.

  • Continuous support throughout the labor & delivery.

  • Help with breastfeeding, holistic milk production and new beginnings.

  • 2 Postpartum visits to ensure health and wellbeing of mama and baby.

  • Self-Care techniques for your body postpartum, to prevent post-partum depression and support healthy milk production!

Doula packages start at $750

Each package is highly customizable, with add-ons such as in-depth nutritional & herbal support, meal planning, extra visits, and more in-depth ritual or ceremonial work

Placenta Encapsulation is also available for $150!

Add it to your Doula package or as a stand-alone service. See my post about the amazing benefits of consuming your placenta postpartum!

Just looking for Nutritional Support Along Your Pregnancy or Postpartum Journey?

Health for your baby begins during the months before conception as well as in utero, which is the most important time to optimize your nutrition. In these consultations, we focus on your current diet to optimize your nutrition for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Through the understanding of your unique constitution and lifestyle we can create a customized, holistic nutritional program to deepen your vitality and nourishment. Pricing varies depending on needs.


Anja was such a knowledgeable doula! Her holistic training was invaluable to the birth process. My husband and I really appreciated her presence during one of the most personal days of our lives. I especially remember the way she applied pressure to my hips and back and helped with cooling cloths throughout. My husband was able to focus on me while she was a support to both of us. She helped us advocate for a completely natural hospital birth and everything was absolutely beautiful!
— Laura Silva Selma, OR