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You know that you have so much power within yourself... 

to heal, to Birth, to claim Your own, unique vitality & Joy.

Yet the healing process, motherhood, or sustained wellbeing are each such wild and vulnerable journeys! How do we reinvent, reimagine and remember as women how to care for all aspects of ourselves and each other - body, mind & spirit?

Mana Medicinals Provides Mentorship & Empowerment, Support & Compassion, Accountability & Education on the path to Vibrant Wellness.

Wellness Mentorship 

A unique mentorship program for women who need help putting new health choices into practice, or for women wishing to dive more deeply into their wellbeing with meaningful health SOULutions. Learn More...

Holistic Doula Services

Certified Doula services for new or seasoned mothers looking for extra support, guidance, advocacy, and a sense of magic during their sacred pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. Learn More... 

Food As Medicine

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultations for practical, powerful dietary shifts, including meal plans, recipes, batch cooking techniques, and home visits to stock your kitchen right. Learn More...


Self-care for Healthy Boobies! 

Elemental Breast Health:
Your FREE Guide to Holistic Breast Care.


Wellness Thrives Where
Science and Spirit Meet. 


Trusting our bodies

and trusting our profound intuitions is a revolutionary act. Using science to uncover our mysteries and support our healing is equally empowering! 

I've created a model of health coaching & doula care that speaks to the total ecology of our health and wellness as women -- a truly holistic approach that includes traditional western herbalism, Ayurveda, functional nutrition, mindfulness techniques, deep womb wisdom, yogic insight, and women's integrative healthcare.


I'd love to tell you more ...

It's time for women to rise up & deeply care for ourselves and each other-taking full advantage of all the tools & inner strength available to us.

As we do, together we'll conjure the
unlimited potential we each carry within.

So many of us are ready to be tended to in this important, whole way.


Women's Holistic Self-Care Full Day Workshop

Learn Practices For Vibrant Breast & Pelvic Bowl Health!

October 12th | 10am-5pm

At the Family Massage Education Center in Ashland, OR

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Join Me!

More Workshops & Retreats:


Don't forget Your Free Guide to Elemental Breast Health (+ Mana's Monthly New Moon LoveLetter)!

he will make their path easy.%22-2.jpg