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For women in need of a
natural health mentor and ally.


I mentor women in tending to their WHOLE wellness, with SOULutions that are specifically designed to restore a sense of magic, vitality, and self-empowerment to your life and health.

Your being is an eco-system.


Complex, wise, vulnerable and resilient.

I believe in your innate wisdom. Our ability as women to open an intimate dialogue with our highest selves is breathtaking. When the healing power of nature meets the ancient knowing we carry in our wombs and deepest core, amazing things can happen. 

To make way for transformative healing, we have to start where we are. We have to do what we can, step by step, layer by layer. We have to feel enchanted, supported, and hopeful about our very sacred journey through womanhood!

It's crucial to have community along the healing way ... and sometimes it's a long way.

I can help facilitate ...

-Your transition into motherhood
-Recovery from illness
-Big dietary & other lifestyle changes
-Your ascent to a whole new level of vitality!

Whatever your health goals or situation, I'm here for you

Wellness Mentorship Packages

New Moon Wellness
4 week Journey

Full Moon Wellness
4 month Journey

Work with Anja if you're truly ready to shine with vitality. She's an amazingly empathic listener with a wealth of knowledge, and her program challenged me to step into my own wellness while fully supporting my vulnerability and pain . . I learned some very basic but game-changing things, enabling me to not only lose weight and shift my moods, but to release emotional blocks and feel energized in a way I hadn't since my son was born. I can't recommend her enough. 

What We'll Do Together ...

CONNECT all the parts of your total ecology, from diet and lifestyle, to health history, mental/spiritual health, and the phase of life you’re currently in.

DISCOVER who it is you essentially are, using the elements and doshas to explore how your unique constitution affects your body, mind and spirit.

DEFINE your core health goals- physical, mental, and spiritual/emotional.


UNCOVER the root causes of your dis-ease and discomfort.

CREATE a unique wellness plan, one that will set you up for real success with clear & realistic steps and objectives.

EMPOWER your long-term success with resources, tools and education that will help you in the future.

SUSTAIN & SUPPORT your wellness plan with a clear session schedule + email correspondence and 1 phone call per week for the the duration of your package.

he will make their path easy.%22-2.jpg

Are you experiencing ...





PREGNANCY & BIRTH questions or challenges

MENSTRUAL concerns


STRESS & Moodiness



CONFUSION ABOUT how your body works


Vibrant Wellness Mentorship can enhance or supplement your primary or specialist care.

I can help you put better health choices or doctor-recommended changes into action, and help take the overwhelm and guesswork out of natural healthcare. In the day to day, there is so much we can discover, strengthen, and heal within ourselves with the right information and support.

Sometimes, we simply need a different approach or crave care that tends to our bodies, minds, and spirits, with awareness of their inter-relatedness. Together, we can work to root out what may be causing discomfort in your life.

We'll co-create highly effective, sustainable, natural health plans, tailored perfectly to your unique needs in this moment. Learn More or Dive Right In! 


Over the course of 4 weeks Anja provided all the support I needed to go from never cooking and being totally overwhelmed by my symptoms and food sensitivities to meal prepping and cooking a variety of new recipes every week. The level of care I received was impressively in-depth and I felt confident in knowing that she was very thorough with the intake, and with listening to my concerns (that had been ignored by other professionals in the past). Through working with her for a little over a month, I let go of 10lbs, cleared up my cystic acne and became empowered to try new recipes and take charge of my health. I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering nutritional/ wellness support!



Wellness Plans May Include:

Custom HERBAL MEDICINE formulations










RITUALS & CEREMONIES for empowered growth


Each season of your life is sacred.

Your physical healthcare should never be separate from your soul-care.

It’s time for women to rise up and remember the power we each have to change our present, heal our past, and invigorate our future. I’m honored to help you do just that!

I would highly recommend Anja to anyone interested in taking steps to improve their wellness. She works with you at whatever pace you need, only adding more information and practices when it’s clear you are ready.



Women's Wellness Mentorship Can Also Help with Fertility Tracking & Hormone Regulation...

  • Are you trying to avoid pregnancy, but do not wish to take traditional forms of birth control?
  • Have you just come off birth control and want advice on how to kick start your hormones again?
  • Do you experience irregular periods on a regular basis?
  • Do you experience painful and heavy periods on a regular basis?
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis or PCOS?
  • Are you trying to have a baby and experiencing difficulty?

Just as the moon waxes & wanes,

I've come to deeply trust and find refuge in my own, natural cycles and transitions.


I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the physiology of women’s bodies in strictly scientific terms. I’ve also studied and (daily!) navigate the deep soul-life of womanhood.

If you’d like to experience a rich and dynamic blending of science and spirit to support your next chapter, I’d be honored to mentor that journey! Let's see if we're a good fit!


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he will make their path easy.%22-2.jpg