Praise for Anja

Anja was such a knowledgeable doula! Her holistic training was invaluable to the birth process. My husband and I really appreciated her presence during one of the most personal days of our lives. I especially remember the way she applied pressure to my hips and back and helped with cooling clothes throughout. My husband was able to focus on me while she was a support to both of us. She helped us advocate for a completely natural hospital birth and everything was absolutely beautiful!
— Laura Silva Selma, OR
Anja provided so much knowledge about proper health and nutrition for the duration of my pregnancy. She supported and prepared my partner and I for the mental and emotional challenges that might arise during the birth. Having her present at the birth was amazing, she was so helpful and supportive throughout. We also really appreciated her postpartum care, helping us by cooking nourishing meals and cleaning.
— Kelley Bennett Mountain Ranch, CA

Anja’s connection to plant medicine seeps through her words, scents, lifestyle and passion. She is a witch, herbalist, sacred birth keeper, homesteader, reader, writer, forager and an empowered woman, just to name a few.

As a practitioner Anja combines ancient knowledge that rests in her bones with the teachings she has gathered through an eclectic train of studies. Her offering is unique in the way that she works with the plant spirits, Ayurveda, nutrition and an understanding of individuality.

As a teacher Anja spreads her wisdom from an authentic place of experience. Her passion to spread healing and wellness shines through in her humble ways of teaching. Even just sipping a cup of tea (homemade blend by her of course) I learn so much in casual conversation. A truly magical woman who I respect and cherish.
— Bre Meulink Grass Valley, CA

Anja’s products speak to her spirit.
They are grounded into the earth and create vibrancy from the heart. I appreciate her formulations and how she takes both a well rounded approach of a practitioner and the spirit sense approach as a healer. I can’t recommend her products enough, and hope that they deepen ones conversation to the healing power of plant medicine.
— Tara Burke Eugene OR

Anja is wonderful to work with. She was very thorough in our initial consultation, and asked many excellent questions to make sure she fully understood what I was trying to convey. After our initial consultation she sent a very thorough recap of everything we discussed, which was super helpful because after a few days I had already forgotten a few details.

She also sent a wonderful self care guide. I would highly recommend Anja to anyone interesting in taking steps to improve their wellness. She makes it very clear that she works with you at whatever pace you need, only adding more information and practices when it’s clear you are ready.
— -Tana Wilkinson Philadelphia, PA