Fall Into Your Feminine


    A Hands on Ritual Self- Care Workshop for Inspiring Vibrant Breast & Womb Health + Ayurvedic Seasonal Wellness Support


Join me and Bree Lauren of Madre Mudra for a hands on afternoon of nourishing feminine self care!

You will take home practical and powerful self-care practices to support vibrant reproductive health as well as an ease-full transition into fall! This is for adult womxn of all phases, and is truly wonderful support for pregnancy and the postpartum. No experience required!

October 14th 1:00-4:30pm

The Hive | Bend, OR

$85-105 Sliding Scale*

Pre- Registration Required

* Includes workshop & yoni steam ritual + an herbal steam blend to take home.

** If you are interested in this workshop and the above pricing is not feasible at this time, please feel free to reach out and we will work something out - this work is so important and we want to make it accessible to all!

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We will be bringing our handmade self-care and ritual womb care products to sell after the workshop too!

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Rivers of Life: Lymphatic Breast Health


Self-care is a revolutionary act. As women, it is time we reclaim our health and our bodies. It is time we listen deeply. It is time we become intimate with our own physiology so that we may experience the fullest expression of our vitality. It is time we become embodied and empowered. It is time for radical self care and self love.

The act of creating daily ritual is the most precious gift we can give ourselves. It is an act of deep self- love, one that ripples through all facets of our lives. It nourishes the physical, mental and spiritual while at the same time opening an intimate dialogue with our bodies.

In the first portion of the workshop we will be exploring the lymphatic system, our river of life, and how it relates to breast health as well as self- care practices to support healthy lymphatic flow. We will discuss anatomy and physiology, common health concerns for women as well as contributing lifestyle factors. Together we will come up with creative solutions to our blockages around self- care as well as mind-body medicine techniques to infuse into our daily practice. Through this intensive workshop we will learn how to map the terrain of our breast tissue and holistically care for our own unique breasts! There will be breast check demonstrations as well as hands on practice with the tools and techniques learned together!

This portion of the workshop is open to all bodies - pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum mamas too!


 Bajo | Yoni Steaming Ritual

An ancient form of feminine care, well-respected by traditional healers in many cultures, with roots in Mayan traditions. This practice of healing and self care is remedial for almost any aspect of uterine pathology and supporting overall reproductive health. 

Bree will be guiding a group Bajo vaginal steam. We will begin with exploring this ancient practice and its roots through conversation and then drop into an intimate steaming ritual. As a group this is a powerful practice. We will sit in circle upon yoni steam seats that Bree’s father has handcrafted out of Oregon Blue Pine wood & together we will invite the plant spirits into our wombs for healing, cleansing, & rejuvenation.*

Perhaps in the West more familiarly known as Yoni Steaming, this ritual has roots in the Mayan culture-native to Central America.  Passed from generations of childbearing women, through Mayan midwives, modern midwives, traditional healers and holistic doctors who understand the healing of herbal medicines.  Bajos are a soothing, sensual, safe way to invite warmth and healing into the womb.  The practice of yoni steaming brings heat to the exterior vaginal tissues.  Through gentle heat, moisture and medicinal plant oils, pelvic tissues open, soften, and rejuvenate.

While often there is little, if anything, that needs to be done to maintain vaginal balance in a healthy woman, giving extra care and attention to our wombs and vaginas periodically brings not only greater health, but a deep sense of empowerment and sacredness to our bodies and to the larger story of our lives. 

*It is not recommended to steam while pregnant or on your menses - but you are more than welcome to join us for the ritual and take your herbs home with you ! If you are currently pregnant, we invite you to sit in ritual with us and save your herbs to nourish your womb postpartum. The lymphatic work is SO important throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum, particularly in preventing postpartum blues! So please join us!

We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you and hope you will join us!

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Bree Lauren, founder of Madre Mudra, is a Full Spectrum Doula, certified yoga guide, sustainable creatress, women's health & sexuality advocate, womb wisdom keeper, sister, lover and daughter. Embodying the wild sacred feminine in her work and words she walks a path of devotion inspiring others to step into their fierce fullness. Find out more at https://www.madremudra.com/